Hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools known for quickly releasing barriers and obtaining your goals.

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Hypnosis helps to achieve greater control over your thoughts and emotions

Using hypnosis and mindfulness we specialize in helping people

  • Learn tools for anxiety and depression

  • Achieve diet and weight loss goals

  • Curb impulsivity and excessive habits

  • Remove blocks causing fear/avoidance

  • Overcome fear of public speaking, heights, flying, social fears, etc.

  • Improve confidence and overcome fear to better personal relationships

  • Gain motivation and confidence

  • Conquer procrastination

  • Gain confidence and improve performance in athletics and academics

  • Improve confidence to attain new levels in profession.

  •  Learn the root of drug and/or alcohol abuse

  • Reprogram your brain for success

Hypnotherapy Can Help You Reach Your Full Potential

Hypnosis is a method used to increase your capacity of influence over your mind and body by accessing your inner resources. This approach has potential for improved well-being and is effectively used for medical conditions such as hypertension, surgery, migraines, IBS, pain management and to manage side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. It is also helpful in overcoming anxiety and fears, control drug overuse and recovery symptoms and to eliminate unwanted habits.

Hypnosis is safe and has no side effects, there are no drugs involved and the client is in control at all times.

We Treat Each Person with a Customized Hypnotherapy Plan

Our approach works because we address the underlying cause of the issue. During hypnosis your mind is more accessible. By using hypnosis to access and direct your subconscious mind you are also in a position to create the changes you want at a deeper level. Suggestions are then used to redirect / direct the subconscious when you are in this highly focused state. This process gives the brain potential to learn new patterns of responding, which with strengthening and reinforcing can be adapted as new automatic ways of responding. Our approach is based upon hypnotherapy techniques that are grounded upon evidence based principles.

The 5 Path Process

5 Path is an effective systematic process – that is based on well established psychological principles used to create in-depth lasting change. The 5Path process is lasting and effective and though some clients may experience rapid change, the process of hypnosis and other approaches to change we utilize at the integrated health and hypnosis center does not offer a quick fix solution. And they are not based just on positive thinking or repeating suggestions to yourself and waiting for change to happen. As insight based processes used to help clients reach and maintain successful goals, many recognize changes from the very first session and the majority reported lasting changes with more ease than they anticipated.

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Hypnosis is safe and during hypnosis the person is continually aware of himself and the surroundings and remain in control during the entire session

Experience the Profound Power of the Subconscious Mind

Hypnosis is a safe and well respected modality used widely across the medical field. One common misunderstanding of the process of hypnosis is that the person becomes unconscious during hypnosis. In fact the opposite is occurring during hypnosis, a heightened state of awareness is achieved during hypnosis and the mind if fully conscious and alert at all times. The person is always of what’s being said and is fully conscious and in control during the entire process.

The process of hypnosis is not harmful. Research conducted to identify any problems developed as a result of undergoing hypnosis comparing groups of people who were hypnotized to a control group. The results were more positive than expected the hypnotized group found it a very rewarding experience and wanted to repeat the process. They also had a greater than expected reduction in behavioral issues and other health related problems. The number of people who needed to seek medical attention for problems such as insomnia reduced as a result of the hypnosis.

The Integrative Health and Hypnotherapy Center offers a collection of methods customizable to each client. We’ve found these methods to be among the safest way to use mind-body connection for beneficial change.

We recognize our clients’ need for a non-judgmental environment and the potential of stigma related to labeling by those struggling to overcome common issues. We do not use labels or diagnostic terminology for clients.

There is lot of well meaning advice on the benefits of controlling your thinking to gain control over various aspects of your life and it’s quite reasonable to guess that this requires strong attention and concentrated effort. However sometimes even the most sincere intention and will power is not enough and we often find ourselves substituting one bad habit for another. This is because the underlying problem is still there. 5Path hypnosis provides a systematic process for uncovering root issues related to the behavior when this occur it creates a prime environment to facilitate lasting and meaningful change.

During the hypnosis state, the conscious critic is suppressed to an extent and as the focus of attention is narrower positive suggestions are acted upon more powerfully that in any other mode. By getting directly through to the habits, beliefs and attitudes that are within the unconscious, hypnosis creates an optimum environment for changing any limiting beliefs or undesirable behaviors as the suggestions are going directly pass the critical factor of the conscious mind.

Our Clients are Very Satisfied

GOOD THERAPY – We offer a balanced approach to our clients and always willing to collaborate with medical or other practitioners our clients are working with or will potentially benefit from – sensitive to various cultural backgrounds and religion of our diverse client population and always maintain respect for clients’ values and belief systems.

Our clients often come to us after trying many different methods, but the underlying issues remain and continue to affect their lives. Our method includes the 5-PATH Hypnosisthat goes to the root of the problem which allows change to occur from the inside out. Even those who were tentative and questioned the effectiveness of hypnosis and similar methods were helped using this system.

POSITIVE TRANSFORMATION – While hypnotherapy if not a magic pill or quick fix to all problems can confidently say that it has been helpful in creating positive transformations in many lives.

Feedback from clients overwhelmingly say HYPNOSIS IS EFFECTIVE

    • Improved relationships
    • Feel better overall and more hopeful!
    • Tend to feel calmer, happier and an ongoing sense of being in a healthier emotional state.
  • Feelings of competence and making more plans
  • Experience more joy working towards their goals.
  • Feeling of greater connectedness to self and others
  • Shift in perspective and feeling more empowered to take on new challenges as they arise
  • The power of choice has improved, choices and decision making process easier and more positive

Excellent Help for Test Anxiety

My test anxiety is completely gone. Before going to sessions at the Integrative Health and Hypnotherapy Center, I was nervous and very stressed days before every exam and paper was due. It became worse and I started to dread exam time. After attending sessions and practicing relaxation techniques exam time different and I’m not going blank anymore! Thanks to hypnotherapy. I recommend this place for any student with school stress who wants to get results.

A. Ali

Hypnosis Helped My Stress

I will gladly recommend going to Kamini Khan for hypnosis. I noticed immediate changes in my mood after the first session. Its been six months and many good things have happened since these sessions at the Integrative Health and Hypnotherapy Center. My stress and anxiety is less and I often find myself feeling calm and at ease now. The hypnosis has given me the tools to handle stress and I feel more hopeful for the future.

S. Merali

We behave the way we think – The conscious and subconscious mind


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